In order to promote a high profile for 2015 World Metrology Day (WMD), NML organized a series of celebration activities focusing on the same topic of the theme of this year - Measurements and Light.  We also open the doors of our optical radiation measurement laboratory to the general public on May 20, demonstrating what measuring light is about and why it matters.  Aims to help promote the understanding of the various aspects of light around the world.

On May 18, a 520 WMD Conference was held to promote the annual event.  Dr. Martin Milton, Director of BIPM was invited to join us as a keynote speaker for the Conference.  Dr. Milton gave a speech entitled “The Importance of Metrology for Standards, Industry and Trade”.  He outlined the key elements of metrology, recent progress towards a new SI, new challenges for metrology in chemistry and biology, etc.  Besides, Dr. Tien-Rein Lee, President of Chinese Culture University gave a talk onFrom Light to Color: the Path of Seeing the World”, sharing his professional views on color culture and informatics with the audience.  A total of 200 metrology-related participants were attracted to attend the event.