For 2016 World Metrology Day, a 520 WMD Conference was held to promote the annual event.  Dr. James W. McLaren, Secretary of CIPM was invited to join us as a keynote speaker in the Conference.  Dr. McLaren gave a speech entitled “The Importance of Metrology for Standards, Industry and Trade”.  He outlined the key elements of metrology, recent progress towards a new SI, new challenges for metrology in chemistry and biology, etc. 

Besides, Henry Yeh, Vice President of Global Business, ASUSTeK Computer Inc., gave a talk on “The Paradigm Shift of Measurement in IoT Era”.  Mr. Yeh noted that average human life became longer which resulted in the increased need for caring.  Therefore, we need a paradigm shift for healthcare.  Internet of Things (IoT) is the network which can make new innovations achievable.  Some 150 metrology-related participants were attracted to attend the Conference.