NML signed a MOU with Linde Co., Ltd., a world-leading gases and engineering company, on electronic specialty gases (ESG) production & analysis.  Two parties agree to further strengthen the capability of gas supply for Taiwan’s semi-conductor industry and technology development.  Linde inaugurated its Electronics R&D Center in September in Taiwan, aiming to leverage its global footprint to supply ultra-pure gases, chemicals, and services to wafer fab in Asia.  NML values the cooperation and, will focus its expertise especially on production and forensic technologies for Electronic Specialty Gases (ESG).

The semiconductor industry is the most dynamic, sophisticated, and competitive markets.  It is also one of the economic lifelines to Taiwan’s economy.  As it continues to grow, so too does the demand for ultra-pure gases and chemicals of ESG to achieve more consistent and accurate analyses.  The ESG forensic/analytical technologies CMS involving include not only measurement capabilities of gases compositions, but also high-level professional expertise from R&D personnel to conduct data analysis and results judgement.  Applications are not limited to testing and verification of raw material specification.  But most importantly, when down-turn of production yield rate or failure of production line occurs, forensic technology on material purity could pinpoint the “impurity” existed possibly for correct justification.  The complete forensic technology can have wide ranging benefits for gases industry such as develop new material, define product specification, etc.