For the harmonization of acoustics, ultrasound and vibration (AUV) metrology in Asia-Pacific area, NML initiated a project to APMP (Asia Pacific Metrology Programme) for applying dynamic measurement of AUV metrology to intelligent machine for Industry 4.0.  A workshop was held accordingly in May, aims at sharing technical know-how and valuable experiences of calibration service in this field.  15 papers related to topics of Intelligent Machine, Performance Measurement or Inspection of Machine, Sensing Monitoring and Predicting Method were presented for Industry 4.0 application, case study and instrument metrology.  Hands-on training of calibration and on-site technical visit to machine tool manufacturers are also arranged.  50 participants attended the workshop, including 10 representatives from 8 National Measurement Institutes as KRISS/Korea, NIM/China, NMIJ/Japan, NIMT/Thailand, NMIM/Malaysia, RCM-LIPI/Indonesia and VMI/Vietnam.  Attendees are benefited in both metrological knowledge and practical skills in the field of AUV for developing intelligent machine towards Industry 4.0. 

Yu Chung Huang, Chair of APMP TCAUV also Manager of NML, said that from automation to intelligent, as Industry 4.0 described the “factory of future”, full integration is a critical challenge to industry.  The transducer sensing technology should be a solution for intelligent machine sensing and actuating properly, and the dynamic measurement technology of acoustics, ultrasound and vibration is the key factor for the accuracy of transducer sensing.  Recognizing the significant role of AUV metrology, we are pleased to cooperate with APMP partners to boost relevant technical knowledge in machine tool industry in Asia Pacific region.