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Major Events

YearMajor Events


  • Dr. Tzeng-Yow Lin, Director General of NML, received 2020 SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) Industry Contribution Award in September for his outstanding contribution in the formulation of SEMI international standards and the promotion of semiconductor testing and measurement technologies.
  • Members of National Standards Review Committee of the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, visited the NML on 9/18.
  • NML shared four established capabilities for supporting the front line of epidemic control, the technologies are: Clinical Thermometer Calibrator, Calibration for Flow and Pressure of Ventilator, Measurement System for Key Parameters of Ultraviolet (UV) Light-Emitting Diode (LED), Gas-phase Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer for Virus-like Particles.
  • NML greeted four delegates from Center for Development of Metrological Resources of Indonesia in December. A training course on Type Approval of Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument was given to boost mutual quality infrastructure cooperation.
  • In October, NML and PTB, Germany inked the second amendment of MoU to extend the cooperation in metrological technologies, two institutions agreed to extend the MoU for the next five years to continue cooperation on the exchange of the scientific and technical knowledge in metrology and metrological standards.
  •  In March NML signed a MoU with the KRISS, Korea, focusing on three specified collaborations of 1) Optical Interferometric Absolute Gas Pressure Standard, 2) Planck Constant Traceable Realization of Mass Standard of Milligram Scale, and 3) Gas Analysis.
  •  Dr. Willie E. May, Emeritus Director of NIST and also Vice President, Morgan State University, was invited to NML to share his professional experience and give a talk on "Metrology and its Impact on Industrial Productivity and Quality of Life" in February.
  • Dr. Jia-Ruey Duann, ITRI Senior Vice President and also former NML Director General, was honored as the winner of the 2018 APMP Award at its 34th General Assembly and related meetings in Singapore in November in recognition of his contributions to the organization. Over 350 representatives from Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Korea, and other member economies were in attendance for this significant annual event.
  • On 24th October 2018, NML hosted a Silicon Sphere Transfer Ceremony & Workshop on Revision of the SI to unveil the highly enriched 28Si-sphere of the nominal mass of 1 kg as the mass standard. Prof. Joachim Ullrich, President of PTB, attended the ceremony and Dr. Frank Haertig, Head of Mechanics and Acoustics Division of PTB, delivered a talk on "Introduction of XRCD kg realization and new progress on redefinition" to the public.
  • In September, NML and Tokuyama Corp., Japan worked together to cooperate on the development of a new measurement technology of micro-particle in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH). Two parties aim to develop ultra-pure analysis techniques for measurement in IPA and TMAH to back up the semiconductor industry.
  • In November, a Weights and Measures Square, co-organized by BSMI/MOEA, National Science and Technology Museum and NML, was inaugurated at the south pavilion of NSTM, Kaoshiung. Large-scale public works of art in weights & measures have been created and installed, and a cafe decorated with the elements of the museum collection for a diversified strategy of attracting the interests of visitors.

  • NML has extended a cooperation with Swaziland, based on a mutual MoU signed between ROC and KOS in January, for boosting quality infrastructure cooperation. A training project was provided accordingly to help the development of the Swazi quality infrastructure, coordination office for technical regulation, accreditation through the national accreditation focal point and quality and promotion activities at a national level.

  • NML celebrated its 30th Anniversary in May 2017.  A Symposium on International Trend of Metrology was organized as one of its celebration activities.  Dr. Barry Inglis, President of CIPM, was invited to the event and brought the trend on Revising the International System of Units.

  • NML organized an APMP AUV Workshop in May, aimed at sharing technical know-how and valuable experiences of calibration service in the acoustics, ultrasound and vibration (AUV) metrology field for applying dynamic measurement of AUV metrology to intelligent machine for Industry 4.0. 50 participants attended the workshop, including 10 representatives from 8 National Measurement Institutes.

  • In Sep, NML signed a MOU with Linde Co., Ltd., a world-leading gases and engineering company, on electronic specialty gases (ESG) production & analysis.  Two parties agree to further strengthen the capability of gas supply for Taiwan’s semi-conductor industry and technology development. 

  • The SuperSizer, an innovation developed by NML was honored with R&D 100 finalists and ITRI Outstanding Research Award 2016.  SuperSizer breaks through the limit of detecting particles under 40 nm in size and enables continuous on-line monitoring of size and concentration of particles between 5 nm and 1,000 nm, making NML a pioneer in high-end semi-conductor testing technologies in Taiwan.

  • For 2016 World Metrology Day, a 520 WMD Conference was held to promote the annual event.  Dr. James W. McLaren, Secretary of CIPM was invited as a keynote speaker and gave a speech entitled “The Importance of Metrology for Standards, Industry and Trade”.  He outlined the key elements of metrology, recent progress towards a new SI, new challenges for metrology in chemistry and biology, etc.

  • Dr. Tzeng-Yow Lin was appointed as the new General Director of NML as of February 1, 2016.
  • A special Exhibition of Measurement Unification was held in National Science and Technology Museum (NSTM), Kaohsiung from July 11 to November 22, 2015.  A collection of 58 artifacts with historic value were being displayed in three topics of measurement & standards, inspection, and weights & measures.  The exhibition provided people a chance to appreciate these meaningful objects, and more, illustrated the value that SI Units (International System of Units) contribute to economic growth.
  • NML was honored with ITRI’s Outstanding Research Award for its development of a High-resolution Correlative Fluorescence and Wet Cell Microscope: Wet Cell Module (CFWEM) which overcomes the problems of conventional technologies that offer no long-term observation.  With a resolution of 50 nm, it is particularly competitive in the target market of biomedical and semiconductor industries.
  • To promote a high profile for 2015 World Metrology Day, NML organized/co-organized a series of celebration activities focusing on the theme of this year – Measurements and Light.  Dr. Martin Milton, Director of BIPM was invited to join us as a keynote speaker on the 520 WMD Conference.  He gave a speech entitled “The Importance of Metrology for Standards, Industry and Trade” to outline the key elements of metrology, recent process towards a new SI, new challenges for metrology in chemistry and biology, etc.
  • In April, NML and NIST/USA signed a Letter of Intent in Washington, D.C. USA, intending to further promote information exchanging and experience sharing on the science fields of “Light and Lighting”, “Color and Vision”, “Photobiology and Image”, and “International Lighting Standards”.
  • NML and PTB/Germany re-new the MOU in March 2015.  Two parties has stared the close cooperation of joint research works, exchange of scientific and technical information and visiting scholars since 1994.  The MOU validity is extended every 5 years.
  • NML’ researchers Dr. BC Ho & Dr. CL Wu won the honor of ITRI 103 Best Paper with the paper entitled “Determination of Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio of thin films by X-Ray methods”.
  • NML, through the Nanotechnology Measurement Standard Project, established the measurement capabilities of line pitch, line width, step height, and particles size to provide traceability to the industry. In 2014 Taiwan Nano Exhibition in October, we were honored to win Grand Contribution Award for the accomplishment of developing related nano-technologies/standards.
  • Ms. Saowanee Musidang, Director General of Department of Science Service, Thailand, visited NML in June. Two parties aim to strength collaboration especially in the fields of Reference Material Producers and Proficiency Testing Provider.
  • “2014 Workshop on Nanoparticle Size Measurement” was held by NML in June, featuring the discussion on the latest development on Nanometer particle size measurement, the techniques of measuring instruments, bio-safety, and international comparison result. It attracted experts from 5 NMIs, 51 domestic companies and 114 participants.
  • In June, Ms. SC Chung, Deputy Director General of BSMI, MOEA, led a team to attend the 10th Cross-strait Metrology Workshop in Beijing, China. Seventeen speakers, separately representing NIM, China and NML, presented their latest researches at both sides. Dr. HH Lee, NML researcher, received the Best Paper Award of the Workshop with his paper entitled Research on Stationary Source Emission Measurement Technology.
  • To publicize 2014 World Metrology Day and its theme of this year “Measurement and Energy”, NML co-organized series activities for promotion. A workshop focused on the same topic of the 2014 theme – Measurement and the Global Energy Challenges to recognize the contribution of all the people that work in intergovernmental and national organizations throughout the year.
  •  In November, NML organized the APMP 2013 Symposium entitled Metrology-Gearing up for Quality of Life which received over 370 participants from 30 countries/economies. It highlighted the topic on the same theme of the year “Metrology in daily life.” President of CIPM, APLAC CEO, and Chemistry Experts shared their professional views on metrology, accreditation, global warming, medical exposure of ionizing radiation, etc.
  • APMF 2013 (Asia Pacific Symposium on Measurement of Mass, Force & Torque 2013), one of the most important conferences in the Asia-Pacific region, was hosted by NML in November 2013. Four main areas were focused on Fundamental Aspects, Traceability and Dissemination, Instrumentation and Methods, and Applications. Sixty five delegates representing 12 economies attended the conference while 21 papers received for oral presentation and 16 for poster.
  • For 11th APMP/TCQM Gas Analysis Working Group (GAWG) Workshop, a specific theme of “Gas Analysis in Emerging Industries” was entitled to the event. NML planned the three-day technical program, aims to provide a platform for exchanging the development of traceability and trace analysis in gas metrology and CRM preparation and verification, etc.
  • For the dissemination of SI Units, NML, cooperating with the Taipei Astronomical Museum, organized a special exhibition which ran two months from October 2013. The exhibition entitled “Wondering in the Infinite Metrology Universe” received around 37,400 visitors.
  • For helping Government contain the possible spread of flu H7N9, NML colleagues visited seven quarantine stations around the island to provide free calibration service to their measurement device of body temperature with infrared thermal imagers.
  • Deputy General Director of CMS, Dr. Tzeng-Yow Lin, was invited by NIMT, Thailand in June 2013 to be a speaker on its 15th anniversary celebrating activity. Dr. Lin focused his speech on “Roles, Impacts & Contributions of Measurement Capability of CMS/ITRI to Taiwan Economy and Society” and shared Taiwan’s experience on supporting industry & academia, and improving quality of life.
  • Dr. Jiunn-Haur Shaw, CMS Researcher, was invited by KRISS, Korea in August to conduct peer review on four systems of KRISS.For celebrating 2013 World Metrology Day, NML hosted a WMD Forum, focusing on the topic of the theme of this year – Measurements in Daily Life. Mr. Peter Mason, CIML President was invited to Taiwan to publicize the event. He also gave a speech and shared with all the audience on Measurements in Daily Life – Its Contribution to Economic Growth and Prosperity.
  • In the 28th APMP General Assembly in November, Dr. Gwo-Sheng Peng, Director of NML, was elected as one of APMP EC members. While Dr. Jia-Ruey Duann, General Director of NML, was awarded APMP Prize for recognizing his contribution to the APMP metrological community.
  • NML, under the steering of BSMI, MOEA, organized the 3rd Cross-strait Conference on Metrology and Working Group Meeting in Taipei. Mr. Changcheng Pu, Vice Minister of AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine), China led a team of 50 delegates to attend the Conference.
  • A new system of Spectral Radiant Flux Measurement System has been established to provide domestic calibration service in November.
  • Dr. Chao-Jung Chen, was requested by Komite Akreditasi Nasional to be a peer reviewer for nine systems in length of KIM-LIPI.
  • Dr. Jia-Ruey Duann, General Director of NML attended the Meeting of Representatives of Member States Parties to the Metre Conventiont and of Directors of NMIs in October. After years’ efforts, Chinese Taipei, as an associate of CGPM, has been approved to conduct key comparison with other NMIs, to attend Consulting Committee meeting/Working Group meeting, and to be a qualified candidate for WG chairman election. It’s a milestone to NML for the international equivalence of metrology technology.
  • For celebrating 2012 World Metrology Day (WMD), NML hosted a series of activities in May to publicize the event.-Conference on Metrology for Safety-Workshop on Consumer Chemistry and Measurement Standards-2012 WMD ForumTwo experts, Dr. Rober Kaarls, Secretary of CIPM & President of CCQM, and Dr. Hun Young So, Researcher of KRISS, were invited to share their international views on the above two conferences.
  • NML celebrated its 25th anniversary in May.
  • In January,Dr. Cheng-Tsair Yang, Deputy Director of NML, was invited to Standards and Calibration Laboratory (SCL)/HK to conduct the assessment of wind speed system in SCL.
  • NML introduced a new Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard (PJVS) system from NIST to enhance its calibration capability of the primary voltage standard. With the help from NIST’s Quantum Voltage Project team, like on-the-job operating training on PJVS, we completed the replacement of conventional Josephson voltage standard system in July. The functional tests of this new PJVS system have been carried out in the past few months.
    Dr. Samuel Benz, Project Leader of NIST in Quantum Voltage Project was invited to NML in November. He gave a speech related to “Quantum-Based Voltage Synthesis and Noise Thermometry” as well as discussion with NML staff.
  • Two of NML researchers were separately invited by NIMT/Thailand and NMIJ/Japan as peer reviewers. Mr. YL Ho visited Thailand in March to review a primary standard of liquid piston prover turbine flow meter and variable area flow meter established at NIMT, while Dr. Wei-En Fu paid an on-site visit to Japan focusing on the technical review of claimed dimensional systems such as surface texture, roundness, line scale, geometrical features, nanometrology, etc.
  • In August, we organized the 2011 Cross-strait Conference on Standardization Collaboration. Under the steering of BSMI/MOEA, the conference aims to enhance cross-strait cooperation by establishing an interactive mechanism in standards. Three topics were discussed by specific technical committees, including Terminology and Standardization for Wind Power Industry, Textile Industry.
  • In July, NML proposed to establish a new CIE committee - Committee on Photometry of Curved and Flexible OLED and LED Sources in Session of the CIE and has been approved. Our colleague, Dr. Hsueh-ling Yu, was elected as chairman of the new committee and will work on forming related standards along with member countries including China, Germany, Japan, South Korea and South Africa.
    Chinese Taipei became a member of the CIE in 2010 after a Taiwanese affiliate, CIE-Taiwan, was established to boost LED/OLED lighting research and applications.
  • The Lab hosted the “Workshop on Nanoparticle Size Measurement” in April, featuring the discussion on Nanoparticle Size Measurement by Dynamic Light Scattering, Particle Size Measuring by SEM, Particle Measuring by AFM, Nanoparticle Characterization at PTB with an Emphasis on TSEM. It’s hoped to achieve the harmonization of measurements and regulations for nanoscale metrology.
  • Dr. Myungsoo Kim, President of KRISS/Korea visited our lab in April. Two parties had a wide discussion on the future collaboration on exchange of the scientific and technical knowledge in metrology and metrological standards.
  • Dr. Jiunn-Haur Shaw, Division Director of NML had been acted as the Chair of APMP Technical Committee in Fluid Flow since 2008. In the 25th APMP General Assembly, Dr. Yoshio Hino, APMP EC member, presented the APMP Technical Activity Award to Dr. Shaw in recognition of his contribution to APMP.
  • Mr. C M Hsu, NML’s Researcher, was invited by NMIJ/AIST, Japan as a peer reviewer of peer assessment on electricity and magnetism in November. NMIJ expected to have a technical peer review based on ISO/IEC 17025 from a view point of CIPM MRA.
  • Dr. Laurence Besley, Chief Executive and Chief Metrologist of NMIA visited NML in November. Two parties expect to have more collaboration on exchange of the scientific and technical knowledge in metrology and metrological standards.
  • NML hosted the 10th CIPM/CCM WGFF Meeting (Oct. 11-12) & 15th International flow Measurement Conference (Oct. 13-15) which brought a total of 133 participants, from 25 countries getting together in Taiwan.
  • The Lab signed a MoU with National Institute of Metrology (NIM), P.R. China, in June to promote the scientific and technological cooperation in metrology between two parties.
  • Four new technical standards, developed by NML, have incorporated by SEMI to develop technical standard specification and guidelines for FPD on image quality, performance measurement methods, and mechanical & electrical device characteristics. They are SEMI D56 - Measurement Method for Ambient Contrast of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), SEMI D57- Definition of Measurement Index (VCT) for Mura in FPD Image Quality Inspection, SEMI D58 - Terminology and Test Pattern for the Color Breakup of Field Sequential Color Display, and SEMI D59 - 3D Display Terminology.
  • The NML organized the 1st Cross-strait Conference on Metrology, Inspection, Accreditation and Consumer Product Safety in May 2010. Under the steering of BSMI, MOEA, the conference aims to enhance cross-strait cooperation by establishing an interactive mechanism in the five fields of standards, metrology, inspection, certification & accreditation, and consumer product safety.
  • A low shock primary calibration system was established in April with acceleration range from 200 m/s2 to 5,000 m/s2 by interference method.
  • NML led the formation of CIE-Taiwan in March with members of Taiwan-based LED makers and LED-related research organizations. It is aimed for collaboration on standardization of light and lighting and applied joining CIE (International Commission on Illumination) to be an Associate National Committee (ANC) of the CIE.
  • We co-hosted “APEC Nanoproducts Measurement Technology Forum” in October. A total of 118 delegates from 5 member economies gathered together to discuss the validation and verification methods for nanoporducts.
  • In September, NML, sponsored by BSMI, MOEA, hold three seminars separately in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung for helping contain possible spreading of H1N1 flu. On-site free calibration service for both types of mercury glass and electric thermometers was provided to the public. There are 394 thermometers got the services.
  • Dr. Sheng-Jui Chen, Research of NML, won APMF 2009 Young Author Award in June.
  • Dr. Chang Hsu, former Chief Executive of NML, received the APMP Award 2009. It is a grateful award recognizing individuals who have made substantial contributions to the metrological community. Dr. Hsu had been providing great support and represented the national metrology organization in the activities of CGPM and APMP in his 15 years tenure. From 2003 to 2006, he was Executive Committee member of the APMP, kept assisting the community with his professional experience.
  • Taiwan Nanotechnology Standard Council (TNSC) was inaugurated in June, which consists of four technical working areas (TWAs), focusing separately on particular aspects of Terminology, Measurement and Characterization, Health, Safety and Environmental issue of Nanotechnologies, Product Performance and Specifications. The goal of TNSC is to ensure strong technical participation in the international standards process, developing standards and formulating proposals on behalf of the nation with response to ISO/IEC standardization activities.
  • The Lab signed an agreement with PTB to cooperate in the field of quantum Hall metrology in May. The cooperation shall be focused on long-term studies of the aging of III-V semiconductor quantum Hall resistors.
  • NML, entrusted by and National Institute of Metrology, Thailand (NIMT), completed the establishment of a primary traceability system for gas flowrate measurement in September. It is a piston prover with three precision-machined glass tubes with the flow range 0.005 – 24 L/min, uncertainty 0.15 – 0.25 %.
  • NML Photovoltaic Test laboratory has been appointed as a CBTL (Certification Body Testing Laboratory) by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components. It is the first cross-strait IEC CBTL laboratory in photovoltaics.
  • Dr. Jiunn-Haur Shaw, Director of NML, was invited by International Accreditation Japan in March to conduct the joint assessment of accreditation and technical peer review of National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) in the field of Mass and related quantities (Flow).
  • Dr. Masahiro Okaji and Mr. Ichiro Fujima, Director-General and Director of NMIJ/AIST were invited to CMS in February 2009.
  • NML accepted the contribution of a 2-inch Coriolis Mass Flow Meter from Emerson Electric Co., USA as a reference for flow measurement in December.
  • Dr. Yu-Ping Lan, researcher of NML, was invited by Vietnam Metrology Institute/Vietnam to conduct peer review on the areas of length standards in November.
  • Dr. Jia-Ruey Duann, Chief Executive of NML, was elected as one of APMP Executive Committee members in the 24th APMP General Assembly in November, and Dr. Jiunn-Haur Shaw, Director of NML, was elected as the Chair of APMP Technical Committee (TC) in Fluid Flow.
  • Dr. Chun-Min Su, Researcher of NML, was awarded the IIZUKA Prize 2008 in November. It is a prize to encourage and recognize young metrologists who have contribution to the technical development and/or dissemination related to metrology standards in the Asia Pacific region. Dr. Su is the third researcher of NML receiving the IlZUKA Prize, following the winner of Mr. Jimmy Chun-ming Hsu in 2003 and Dr. Yu-ping Lan in 2006.
  • The Optical Frequency Laser Comb Technology won the copper medal of 2008 Outstanding Frontier Research Award of ITRI.
  • NML, sponsored by APEC funds, hosted 2008 APEC Workshop for Thin Film Metrology & 2008 APEC Nanoscale Measurement Technology Forum in Tainan City on 29~30 Sept. & 1~3 Oct. 2008 separately.
  • NML accepted the contribution of a 6-inch Coriolis Mass Flow Meter from Endress+Hauser Corporate (E+H) as a reference for flow measurement in August.
  • To publicize the 2008 World Metrology Day-Metrology Measurement in Sport, NML hosted “Seminar on International Trends in Metrology” and “2008 WMD Forum” in May.
  • Dr. Vu Khanh Xuan, Director of the Vietnam Metrology Institute visited NML in May 2008.
  • Mr.Franz Hengstberger,President of CIE(The International Commission on Illumination), was invited to share his professional experience at NML in January.
  • NML co-organized an 8-month "Exhibition of  Measurement "(from July to February 2008) with the National Science and Technology Museum in southern Taiwan. The exhibition aims to interest visitors in finding the relations between standards and their daily life with interactive games, then, to realize the importance of measurement standards. 
  • NML announced the establishment of a orifice-flow method primary high vacuum standard which has passed through the third party accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. It covers the range of 10-1 to 10-4  Pa of absolute pressure. 
  • The NML is duly authorized to use the CIPM MRA Logo on the cailbration and measurement certificates issued by NML. 
  • Dr. Chang Hsu, advisor of NML, won the Personal Achievement Prize of the 8th National Standardization Award in October 2007.
  • Dr. Chao-Jung Chen, Manager of NML, was invited by the NMIJ/Japan to conduct peer review on the area of vibration standard system in October.
  • Dr. Yu-Ping Lan, researcher of NML, was invited by KRISS/Korea to conduct peer review on the areas of length standards in September.
  • In July, NML co-organized a FPD International Standards Workshop with SEMI(Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International). Topics were focused on Standards Technology in MPRT and LED BLU, Worldwide FPD Standards activities updates and overview, etc. 
  • Dr. Nuna E. Almanzor, Director of Industrial Technology Development Institute, Philippine visited NML in May 2007. ITDI proposed the technical collaboration in upgrading the photometry technology and legal metrology enforcement. 
  • The Workshop on AC Metrology was held in May to discuss AC-DC transfer, AC voltage/current, and AC power calibrations.
  • Dr. Pian Totarong, Director of National Institute of Metrology, Thailand visited NML in March and tried to find the possibility of cooperation between NIMT and NML.
  • 20th Anniversary
  • Dr. Yu-ping Lan, researcher of NML, won the APMP IIzuka Young Metrologist Prize 2006 in the 22nd APMP General Assembly in December.
  • Mr. Simon Chen, Researcher of NML, was invited by NMIJ, Japan in October to be a technical reviewer.
  • Dr. Jia-Ruey Duann, on behalf of NML, attended the BIPM NMI director meeting in October.
  • NML had completed re-assessment and on-site evaluation for the fields of Length (L), Photometry and Radiometry (PR) in July.
  • Mr. Yi Lin Ho, Researcher of NML, was invited by SAC, Singapore to be a technical reviewer on the annual evaluation of flow calibration lab of PowGas Co.
  • The development of Long Block Gauge Measurement System won the third Metrological Research Creation Award.
  • The first National Gravity Base Station was established by NML in March to collect data for applications of aviation and space, geodetic survey, geoscience, mass/force metrology and etc.
  • Mr. Steven Tan, Director of National Metrology Centre/SPRING visited NML in June.
  • A new system of Cryogenic Absolute Radiometer Measurement was established.
  • Dr. Jia-Ruey Duann succeeded as General Director of NML in May.
  • NML and SUPERLEC, France signed a MoU in April on technical cooperation of EM Field Measurement Technology.
  • Dr. Jiunn-Haur Shaw, Deputy Director of NML, won the Best Paper- MSC Algie Lance Award at Measurement Science Conference, which was held in January in USA. The prized paper is entitled "Investigation on Microflow Measurement."
  • On 1 April, NML sent the 1 kg national prototype, numbered 78, back to BIPM for calibration service.
  • Dr. Gwo-Sheng Peng, Director of NML, was invited by SIRIM, Malaysia to be a technical assessor in peer assessment.
  • Mr. John Lin, Manager of NML’s Temperature, Humidity & Chemical Measurement Lab, was invited by Honduras in December 2004 to share his experience on quality system, measurement traceability, and expected to evaluate Honduran measurement Laboratories and make suggestions.
  • The Workshop on Gauge Block Calibration and Practice was hosted in October to advance the measurement technology in gauge blocks and to promote technical exchanges on an international ground.
  • A contract was signed between NML/IMGC-CNR, Italy to collaborate on the new design of a low-range manometer for measurement of gas pressures up to 13kPa.
  • To help Government to contain possible spread of SARS, 11 portable thermal radiation devices were developed and offered by NML to provide as a standard with a fixed degree for thermal radiation calibration.
  • NML declared the development of calibration device for ear therometer.
  • The calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) of NML in Acoustic, ultrasonic and vibration (AUV) has passed the reviewing and was stated in BIPM key comparison database.
  • In December, Dr. Chang Hsu led the delegation to attend the 22nd CGPM. It was highly signification because it was the first time Chinese Taipei became a qualified attendee.
  • Dr. Chang Hsu was elected as one of APMP Executive Committee members in the 19th APMP General Assembly in December to facilitate coordination and cooperation of APMP community.
  • Dr. Akira Ono, Director of NMIJ, Japan and Dr. Mitsuru Tanaka, Deputy Director were invited to NML to attend the Workshop of Advanced Technologies Apply to Metrological Standards in November and delivery speeches on the event.
  • Mr. Jimmy Chun-ming Hsu, Researcher of NML, won the IIZUKA Prize 2003 in the 19th APMP General Assembly in December.
  • NML signed a collaborative agreement with Accent Optical Technologies, Inc. of USA on jointly developing microlighography overlay metrology to achieve overlay measurement precision to 65nm node.
  • Signed  "Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on an APEC Network for Materials Evaluation Technology" with NML/Australia, IMS/Canada, SRIM/P. R. China, SIC/P. R. China, CMS/Chinese Taipei, NPL/India, MIJ/Japan, KRISS/Korea, AMREC/Malaysia, CENAM/Mexico, ITDI/Philippines, NMC/Singapore, MTEC/Thailand, NIST/USA on September 26,2002.
  • 15th Anniversary of NML.
  • Signed "Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)" with KRISS/Korea.
  • NML's Chinese name renamed.
  • CNLA joined the signatories of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA).
  • Three measurement labs of NML-Dimension, electric, and magnetism obtained third party (CNLA) accreditation on December 5.
  • CNLA signed the Mutual Recognition Agreement of National Testing Service with SANAS on 7 May 1999.
  • Signed  prolongation of the "Memorandum of Understanding on the Cooperation in the Field of Metrology" with Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB/Germany) on 26 Oectober1999.
  • Approved as Telecommunications Equipment Testing Laboratory Accreditation Body, DGT, MOTC.
  • Recognized as a fastener accreditation body by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the Department of Commerce of USA, according to FQA's Accreditation Bodies Evaluation Program. 
  • 1997 International Conference of Uncertainty was held at CMS/ITRI in March.
  • Accomplishment exhibition on 10th  Anniversary.
  • CNLA singed "APLAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement" with NATA/Australia, HOKLAS/H.K., IANZ/New Zealand, SINGLAS/Singapore, A2LA/USA, NVLAP/USA on November 19, 1997.
  • CNLA signed "International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)Memorandum of Understanding" on 13 September 1996 and became a  founding member of ILAC.
  • Open house for  the flow measurement laboratory
  • Signed "Asia-Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) Memorandum of Understanding in April and became a  founding member of APLAC.
  • Procurement of Pt-Ir Kiligram Artifact (No. 78).
  • Establishment of He-Ne Stabilized Laser Radiation. 
  • APMP Workshop-1994 was held  at CMS/ITRI.
  • Signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation" in the Field of Metrology with PTB/Germany,, and "letter of intent on the Mutual Recognition of National Measurement Standards" with NMi/the Netherlands on 26 October 1994.
  • Completeness of the construction of flow measurement laboratory.
  • Signed "Mutual Recognition Agreement" in the field of calibration with NCS/South Africa.
  • Commencement of accreditation application in fields of temperature, heat and biology.
  • Signed "Mutual Recognition of National Measurement Standards" with NMi/the Netherlands.
  • Taoyuan Standard Baseline was founded in May.
  • Signed  "Mutual Recognition of National Measuring Standards Agreement" with CSIR/South Africa on 4 February 1991.
  • Establishment of vacuum, magnetism, and chemistry measurement laboratories.
  • Signed "Memorandum Concerning Technical Cooperation in Electronic Distance Measurement" with FGI /Finland on 2 October 1991.
  • Combining the Laboratory Accreditation Program and the National Calibration System to form the Chinese National Accreditation Laboratory Accreditation(CNLA) Scheme. CNLA begins operations in the fields of calibration, ionizing radiation, and mechanical testing.
  • 3rd ROC-ROK Metrology Symposium was held at CMS.
  • Dr. Chang HSU was appointed by BSMI, MOEA as Chief Executive of NML.
  • Establishment of optical measurement standard and promotion of national testing and calibration scheme.
  • Preparation Committee of the National Calibration System (NCS) was set up with CMS as Secretariat.
  • Acoustic, humidity and microwave labs were established.
  • Dr. Kai-Li Ko was appointed by BSMI, MOEA as Chief Executive of NML.
  • Inauguration of National Measurement Laboratory.
  • MOEA designated the labs as  "National Measurement Laboratory" on June 12 
  • Meanwhile, ten measurement laboratories in the fields of dimension, vibration, mass, force, pressure, flow, electrical volt and current, lowfrequency electricity, resistance, temperature were established.
  • 1st ROC-ROK Metrology Symposium was held at CMS.
  • The construction started from June 6.
  • CMS/ITRI was contracted to implement the project by the National Bureau of Standards (now as Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection), MOEA.
  • ITRI was entrusted by MOEA to implement the Measurement Instruments Calibration Project in May.
  • The project of testing and calibration center of weights and measures was approved by the Executive Yuan.
  • The  National Bureau of Standards, MOEA drafted a national testing calibration center..
  • Establishment of a national precision calibration center was decided in a government-held industrial development meeting.


  • Last Updated:2022/01/24
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