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Symposium on International Trend of Metrology

To echo the significant changes of SI, CMS co-organized with BSMI, MOEA to host a Symposium on International Trend of Metrology with the same theme of 2018 world metrology day “Constant Evolution of the International System of Units”

Dr. Ming-jong Liu, BSMI Director-General, said in the ceremony that metrology is poised to undergo a profound change that will benefit scientists, engineers, industry and commerce – which almost no one will notice in daily life, but bring big challenges in the competition of high-tech industry.  

In order to ensure the traceability and quality standards of our country are not affected by the implementation of the new definition, Dr. Liu said, the national measurement laboratories, with the full support of BSMI, is actively working on the construction of the new measurement systems, especially the kilogram quality measurement system. 

Dr. Wen-li Wu, Fellow Emeritus, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), USA, and Mr. Terry Tsao, President of SEMI Taiwan, were invited to join us as keynote speakers in the conference.  Dr. Wu gave his speech entitled “The Current Status and the Challenges in Semiconductor Metrology”.  He introduced the joint efforts between NIST and NML to address certain metrology challenges facing semiconductor industry.  Considerable progress has been made in the developing a new X-ray reflectivity method to measure thin films with a few nanometers thickness and a lateral size in micrometers.  And in the future, XRF and XPS capabilities can be added to this instrument to enable the monitoring of the thickness and the impurity of the oxide layer on the silicon sphere-a new SI kilogram standard in NML.

Besides, Mr. Terry Tsao, President of SEMI Taiwan, gave his speech on “Semiconductor Metrology and Standards”.  Mr. Tsao pointed out the recent challenges in the semiconductor industry to illustrate the importance of metrology, such as increased use of epi for 2D and 3D logic structures, ultrathin layer analysis in 2D and 3D structures, advanced wafer level packaging, and etc.  He also raised the issues on the challenges of Ampere and Mole new definition.  The emergence of a new field of electric metrology of nanostructures is especially discussed with enthusiasm.

BSMI, MOEA: Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • Last Updated:2020/07/14
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