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Technical Cooperation with VMI, Vietnam

For boosting metrology infrastructure cooperation in Asia Pacific region, NML/ITRI has provided its expertise for Vietnam Metrology Institute (VMI), Vietnam via a series of on-the-job training.  In 2017, two training courses including hands-on practice were offered to VMI’s researchers, focused on "Flow Measurement Technology" and "Electrical Measurement Technology" separately. 

For 2018, five researchers from VMI received an advanced training in electricity in July which focused specifically on calibration procedures and calibration implementation of DC high voltage and PT, Single-phase/three-phase, AC power and voltage/current harmonic, Resistance/Capacitance/Inductance.  And, in August, a 20-day training in vibration and acoustic were arranged which included not only the training on vibration calibration, comparison method in lab but also the industrial tours to National Taiwan University, Chang-Gung University, and PAL Acoustic Technology to introduce the calibration technology of audiometer, anechoic chamber, semi-anechoic room and listening room in Taiwan.  It is anticipated, through this training, a cooperation platform between NML and VMI has been established for the future advanced cooperation.

Technical Cooperation with VMI, Vietnam


  • Last Updated:2020/08/07
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