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NML & Tokuyama, Japan Shake Hands in a New Measurement Technique of IPA and TMAH

In September, NML and Tokuyama Corp., Japan worked together to cooperate on the development of a new measurement technology of micro-particle in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH).

Tokuyama Corp., Japan is a leading company supplying a wide range of chemical products. Building on this foundation, Tokuyama is currently expanding its main businesses globally, with a special focus on its information and electronics business, which markets semiconductor-grade polycrystalline silicon and other semiconductor-related products, etc.  Among them, high-purity IPA has a market share of 54% in Taiwan (annual supply of 35,000 tons). Two parties aim to develop ultra-pure analysis techniques for measurement in IPA and TMAH to back up the semiconductor industry.MAH.

  • Last Updated:2020/08/07
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