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Static Gravimetric Method Inorganic Element Supply and Certification System

For strengthening the technical services to the industry, NML developed a new system of "Static Gravimetric Method Inorganic Element Supply and Certification System" for lead (Pb). The new system, based on static gravimetric method, is established to provide certificated reference material (CRM) and customized technical services. This is the first Pb CRM produced by NML, conforming to the requirements of ISO 17034, which can provide the metrological service of contamination analysis for electronic grade reagents.

In the process of semiconductor manufacturing, the trace metal contaminants is so critical that manufactures have to carefully check the potential contamination and accurately analyze the concentration and types of impurity in the solvent. Therefore, quality demands for electronic grade reagents are stringent to ensure the good performance of the final products, though all these reagents used are imported products. The new system with the capability of high purity analysis can provide customized analytical services for industries to meet the high-level QA/QC requirements. The titration method is applied to certify the reference substance concentration of liquid lead element. The concentration of NML’s liquid lead CRM is 1000.0 mg/kg ± 1.5 mg/kg. Depending on the industrial demands, NML will continue developing reference materials and corresponding analytical technologies for cadmium, mercury, cobalt, nickel, zinc, copper, iron, etc.

  • Last Updated:2021/01/27
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