Water conservation covers efforts in many different fields, such as practical water-saving measures, wastewater treatment & recycling, sound water management, efficient leakage control, and so on.

Water leakage is a serious problem in Taiwan.  According to the Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC), about 18 to 19% of water is lost to leaks every year.  Before formulating a new investment plan for getting water loss rates down, it is critical to precisely identify particular areas where leaks are occurring and apply effective measures and prevention strategies.  NML announced the development of a scientific index for evaluating the accuracy of water indicators in the distribution network to support utilities in efficiently implementing water management auditing.  An intelligent real-time monitoring system has also been built to help users identify tap water leakage to avoid wasting water.  The technology was honored with ITRI’s Contribution Prize for its outstanding innovation in flow field.

At present, no calculation algorithms are internationally accepted for assuring accuracy of water meters.  Water utilities have no choice but to take estimated value for the burst calculation, but the result often leads to controversy owing to the big difference.  For example, TWC adopts two percent for estimated water leakage, while the Taipei Water Department adopts eight percent for the same evaluation.

NML, via water meter type approval inspection, has established a sound water meter inspection system for government and manufacturers.  Recently, adopting the most popular evaluation method for water meter accuracy, taking into account domestic parameters, we have established an analysis module (in small diameter) to support utilities to accurately estimate their water distribution systems.  The module can assess the status of water meters and the efficiency of water management systems, and further be extended to the evaluation and improvement of the water supply network at all levels.

Based on the module, an intelligent real-time monitoring system has been developed accordingly for household users, businesses and institutions.  The system takes readings every 10 seconds for cumulative consumption, and lasts for at least 30 days.  The collected data about flow rate and water consumption help users detect leaks or their own abnormal water usage and has received a great response.