NML celebrated its 30th anniversary in May 2017.  A Symposium on International Trend of Metrology was organized as one of the celebration activities.  Dr. Tzeng-Yow Lin, General Director of NML, said on the celebrating ceremony that NML was established with the mission of establishing measurement standards to remove non-tariff barriers to trade and to flourish economy.  With the completion of national measurement laboratories in 1987, we started to provide calibration services to the industry.  In the thirty years, NML’s CMCs (Calibration & Measurement Capabilities) published in BIPM’s database are accepted worldwide, which provides MIT products a smooth pass to the world market.  It backups Taiwan’s export of 280.4 billion US Dollar, accounting for 53% of GDP.  

Dr. Lin added that NML’s accumulated capability in 15 fields has helped not only the growth of economy but also all fields of improvements in livelihood economy, health of the people, government credibility, and even national epidemic prevention.  For example, the established standards assure the accuracy of meter pricing, and therefore convince the consumer’s confidence of 6.3 million water meters, 13 million electric meters, 3.3 million gas meters and trade fairness of 300 billion on oil, gas and electricity.

Dr. Ming-jong Liu, Director General of BSMI/MOEA, confirmed NML’s efforts and encouraged that NML, while stepping into the age of 30s, is not merely to celebrate past achievements, but more importantly, to look forward at innovative directions for supporting the challenge of Government’s new industry strategy.

For the Symposium, NML is honored to invite Dr. Barry Inglis, President of CIPM, to the event as the keynote speaker and invite representatives from NMIs to share their very unique views on metrology for industry innovation.  Dr. Inglis brought the latest trend on Revising the International System (SI) of Units which attracted all attention of the participants.  Dr. Takashi Usuda, Director General of NMIJ, talked on Impact of Metrology on Industry: NMIJ's Experience in Japan; Dr.-Ing. Prof. h. c. Frank Härtig, Head of PTB, on Digitalization from a Metrological Point of View; Dr. Wen-Li Wu, NIST Fellow, on NIST X-ray Based Metrology for Nanostructure Characterization and Its Applications to Semiconductor Industry; and Prof. Prayoon Shiowattana, APMP DEC Chair, on Measurement for Energy Efficiency.  More, responding to the theme of 2017 World Metrology Day - “Measurements for transport”, Dr. Gwo-Sheng Peng, Deputy General Director of NML, shared some examples in Taiwan responding to the theme.

Dr. Lin thanked all who have helped making the event a success and committed that NML would be devoted to exploring the infinite innovations of measurement to be the strong backbone of national development.