For knowledge dissemination of weights & measures, a special event named “Weights & Measures Deepen Roots Activity” was held in National Science and Technology Museum (NSTM), Kaohsiung in September.  It was an activity co-organized by BSMI & NML & NSTM, trying to plant seeds of measurement in young students through a lively vivid way and shorten the education gaps between urban and rural schools.  Around 220 students from An Dang Primary School, a school located in rural county of Taiwan, aged from 7 to 10, were invited to the museum to have a one-day tour.

Along with the deepen roots activity, a special exhibition focused on “Land Measurement” was held to display a number of century-old tools which were unsung heroes used by the Government to maintain fairness in land measurement.  The collection of aged artifacts show the development of weights and measures in historical stages in Taiwan, from the periods of Taiwan under Japanese rule, Taiwan retrocession period, and present.  It provides visitors a chance to appreciate these meaningful objects, and more, illustrates the value that SI Units (International System of Units) contribute to economic growth of Taiwan.

Students got excited when they were arranged to experience the funny games of 【DIY Experience on Weights & Measures】【DIY Experience on Land Measurement】 which allow them to hold the nozzle to fill up the gas or to operate different scales of balance, spring scales, bar scales, electronic scales to gain the weights.  Moreover, the special-designed board games of 【Best Players of Units】、【Best Catchers of Units】particularly attracted students in all attention when they were trying to pass the challenge of 4 levels of the games.  All the games are designed to hopefully change the way people view things that they normally do not give a second thought to, and lead to new discoveries and new values on measurement.

exhibition 1

exhibition 2