Flow & Energy Research Laboratory



The Flow and Energy Research Laboratory (FERL) has established 11 flow calibration systems for traceability of industrial flow meters. In the area of liquid flow, the laboratory has established a water flow facility. In addition, a Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) system and a micro-Particle Image Velocimetry (μPIV) system are capable of providing services in flow field measurement and analysis for a wide range of length scales.

In the area of gas flow, the FERL has established a high pressure gas flow measurement system for meter calibration up to 6 MPa; 3 normal pressure systems to provide calibration service to the industrial sectors. One micro gas flow system has been build up to meet the specific requirements of semi-conductor industry. In addition, a Laser Doppler Velocimetry system and a micro-PIV system are capable of calibration of flow speed sensors and characterization of MEMS micro flow devices.

Calibration and Measurement Capabilities, CMCs

Since 2004, NML's calibration and measurement capabilities(CMCs) in the area of Fluid Flow (FF) have been incorporated in BIPM’s key comparison database (KCDB.) It declares the best measurement capabilities for calibration services.

Technical Services

  • Calibration for liquid and gas flowmeters
  • Testing for large volume liquid tanks
  • Air flow speed meters (anemometers) testing
  • Flow measurement/calibration system automation designing
  • Designing and planning of flow calibration systems
  • Consultancy services for flow measurement laboratory accreditation
  • Research on flowmeter installation effects
  • Flow field measurement and numerical simulation
  • Analysis service for in-chip flow field inspection
  • Measurement of thermal comfort in living space

Research Projects

  • 2D&3D fluid flow field measurement technology
  • Digital microfluidic droplet handling on single-sided chips
  • Surface plasmon resonance technology for biochip applications
  • Measurement technology of thermal comfort in living space
  • Techonlogy of nano metrology standards
    (1) microfluidic flow velocity standard
    (2) microfluidic flowrate gravimetric standard
    (3) medical-class single dose/droplet volume standard
    (4) in-chip flow self-calibration technology

G200 1             微流速量測技術-微粒子影像流速儀

   High/Low Viscosity Oil Flow Systems                          Micro-Resolution Particle Image Velocimetry