Nano and Mechanical Measurement Laboratory



The Nano and Mechanical Measurement Laboratory (NMML) has established the standards in the fields of mass, force, pressure,vacuum and nano. For the mass standards, a primary mass standard, Pt-Ir kilogram prototype, has been set up to provide the weight traceability. In the region of force, the calibration services are available for several types of force transducers. In the region of vacuum, the calibration services are developed for varieties of vacuum gages. In the region of pressure, a mercury manometer system has been established for different types of pressure calibration. In the region of nano, measurement systems for nanoparticle sizes have been established for different types and sizes of nanoparticle size calibration. In the region of thin films, measurement systems for thin film thickness and mechanical properties have been established to calibrate different types and thickness of films.

Calibration and Measurement Capabilities, CMCs

Since 2003, the calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) in the area of mass (M) have been incorporated in BIPM’s key comparison database (KCDB.) It declares that NMML's CMCs have gained international recognition and its availability of offering measurement service worldwide.

Technical Services

  • Establishment of calibration systems of mass, volume and density
  • Calibration of solid density
  • Establishment of calibration systems of standard weights
  • Planning and establishing the automatic pressure measurement system
  • Designing for automatic pressure generator systems and tubings of pressure measurement systems
  • System automation planning and establishment of vacuum standard systems
  • Leakage testing and assembling of vacuum standard systems
  • Calibration of the Rockwell and surface Rockwell hardness blocks
  • Calibration of the Vickers and micro-Vickers hardness blocks
  • Calibration of the nanoindentation specimens(indentation hardness and modulus)
  • Micro/Nano mechanical properties measurement systems (measurement of Young's modulus for fiber materials)
  • Calibrations of nanoparticle sizes in liquid, aerosol, and on-wafer surfaces.
  • Thin film measurement system

Research Projects

  • Nanometer Scale Metrology and Standards

    a.Measurement Standards for Nanoparticle/Nanowire Sizes and Functional Properties

    b.Measurement Standards for Thin Films

    c.International Standards for Nano-Measurements and Nano-Products

  • Shear Force Sensor Technology for Industrial Robots

G100 1   1kg National Prototype in Pt-Ir Obtained from BIPM in 1995  


G100 2   Orifice-Flow Method Primary High Vacuum Standard