Optical Radiation Measurement Laboratory



The Optical Radiation Measurement Laboratory (ORML) has established several measurement standards. The established systems provide complete calibration services to the local industry, including a range from illumination, total luminance flux, spectoradiometry, colorimetry, absolute radiometry, to transmittance, and reflection.

In addition to calibration systems, the measurement techonologies for flat panel displays (FPDs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are established to provide measurement services for the industrial demands.

For FPD characteristics measurements, the customized optical measurement services are provided for 2 and 3 dimensions, e-Paper, and flexible displays.

For LED characteristics measurements, the spectral radiant flux measurement services are provided for main and peak wavelengths, chromaticty and color temperature.

Calibration and Measurement Capabilities, CMCs

Since 2004, the calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) in the areas of Photometry & Radiometry (PR), have been incorporated in BIPM's key comparison database (KCDB.).  It declares that ORML's CMC's have gained international recognition and its availability of offering measurement service worldwide.

Technical Services

  • Optical radiation measurement/calibration service
  • Related measurement technique consulting service

Research Projects

  • Establish standards of FPD key parameters
  • Establish BSDF measurement system
  • Establish UV detector absolute responsivity standard
  • Fundamental study for evaluating image quality of FPD
  • Establish Spectral radiant flux measurement system
  • Solid-state lighting (SSL) measurement techniques
  • LED transfer standard development for photometry and colorimetry

E400 1 Low Temperature Infrared Radiation Thermometry Calibration System

E400 2  Spectral Scattering Measurement System