【C03】Gas concentration Measurement System

Calibrated Device
Verification of cylinder gas concentration

CO:(10 to 200000) μmol/mol

CO2:(100 to 300000) μmol/mol

CH4:(100 to 100000) μmol/mol

C3H8:(100 to 50000) μmol/mol

O2:(1000 to 250000) μmol/mol

NO in N2:(50 to 2000) μmol/mol

SO2 in N2:(50 to 2000) μmol/mol

C2H5OH in Air:(137 to 547) μmol/mol

CO:(0.08 to 90) μmol/mol

CO2:(1.1 to 120) μmol/mol

CH4:(0.9 to 80) μmol/mol

C3H8:(1.0 to 60) μmol/mol

O2:(12 to 120) μmol/mol

NO in N2:(0.89 to 7.9) μmol/mol

SO2 in N2:(0.82 to 6.6) μmol/mol

C2H5OH in Air:(1.7 to 4.3) μmol/mol