Electrical, Electromagnetic and Communication Measurement Laboratory

Highlight/Core Technology

Primary voltage standard measurement technology
Power measurement standard technology
Electromagnetic environment and electromagnetic compatibility measurement technology
  • (Left)Primary voltage standard measurement technology
  • (Middle)Power measurement standard technology
  • (Right)Electromagnetic environment and electromagnetic compatibility measurement technology


The research scope of the Lab covers electricity, magnetism, and microwave. It has established standards in the three fields to provide traceability for domestic industry.

In the area of electricity, the established systems in voltage and current provide complete calibration services to the local industry, including a variety of range from electrical power, electrical energy, phase angle, resistance to inductance, and capacitance. To meet the requirements from the semiconductor industry, the EML has established Sheet Resistance Measuring System in order to provide the calibration for semiconductor reference materials.

For magnetic standards, the laboratory has established magnetic flux, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) flux density, and low magnetic field measurement systems to provide calibration services.

In the RF/microwave area, the laboratory provides microwave power, impedance, attenuation, thermal noise, electromagnetic field, and microwave material characteristics measurement services.

Research Projects

  • Establishment of new electric current standard system.
    EN Establishment of new electric current standard system

    Updating resistance related standard systems to accompany with our Josephson Voltage Standard for development of the electric current standard complying with the new SI definition for matching the complete demands of the industry.

  • Establishment of power related measurement technologies and systems for Green Energy.
  • Establishment of the high electromagnetic field strength and low frequency electromagnetic field strength measurement capability.

Technical Services

  • Calibration services for electrical, magnetic, and RF/microwave standards.
  • Consultancy services for establishing the electrical, magnetic, and RF/microwave measurement laboratories and their quality systems.
  • Services for developing measurement systems and technique on electrical, magnetic, and RF/microwave related fields.
  • Services for designing measurement systems on electrical, magnetic, and RF/microwave related fields.
  • Last Updated:2023/11/23
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