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NML has conducted intercomparsions with other countries to establish the traceability for industries and assure national measurement standards in harmonization with the international level.

Intercomparisons scheduled in 2019

ItemTransfer Standard
CCM.FF-K6 Low pressure flow meters
APMP.AUV.V-K3.1 Vibration accelerometer
APMP.PR-P3.1 High penetration haze meter
APMP.M.FF-K6 Rotor gauge
APMP.QM-K90 Formaldehyde detector
CCQM-K3.2019 Auto emission standards and concentration verification technology 

Intercomparisons scheduled in 2018

ItemTransfer Standard
CCM.FF-K6 Four laminar flow meters
CCM.FF-K5 Two turbine meters in series
APMP.M.P-K4 One capacitance diaphragm gauge and one resonance silicon gauge
APMP.AUV.V-K3.1 Voltage sensitivity of Low frequency Accelerometer set


Intercomparisons scheduled in 2017

ItemTransfer Standard
APMP.M.P-K4 One capacitance diaphragm gauge and one resonance silicon gauge
APMP.T-K9 Long-stem SPRTs 
APMP.PR-S7 A set of diffuse reflectance samples with three ranges of reflectance levels: 10% (dark), 40% to 60% (mid) and 99% (light)

Turbine and Coriolis meters

Meters tested in both upstream and dowstream positions

CCM.FF-K5 Two identical turbine meters in series
CCM.FF-K6 Four pairs of critical flow venturis


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