Dynamics Measurement and Engineering Application Laboratory

Highlight/Core Technology

Figure 1: Temperature, Humidity, and Thermophysical Metrology Services

Figure 1: Temperature, Humidity, and Thermophysical Metrology Services


Figure 2: Product Development Directions for Temperature, Humidity, and Thermophysical Metrology

Figure 2: Product Development Directions for Temperature, Humidity, and Thermophysical Metrology


圖3: 新溫度標準/系統實施計劃

Figure 3: New Temperature Standard /System Implementation Plan


The research scope mainly focuses on temperature/humidity and thermophysical properties metrology:

  1. In the field of temperature measurement, in order to realize and disseminate the international temperature scale of 1990 (ITS-90), Center for Measurement Standards has the platinum resistance thermometer calibration technology, the noble metal thermocouple thermometer calibration technology, and the radiation thermometer calibration technology. In the field of new temperature standards, thermodynamic thermometer technology has been established, such as acoustic gas thermometer and absolute radiation thermometer system to measure the true thermodynamic temperature to get rid of the influence of the fixed points, and also prepare for the revise of the difference between ITS-90 and thermodynamic temperature. At the same time, in the aspect of high temperature calibration, metal-carbon alloy is used to replace the role of pure metal to reach the high temperature standard point above copper fixed point (1084.62 ˚C), and various metal-carbon eutectic points are successfully used to establish temperature standards from 1324 ˚C to 2748 ˚C. There are 4 different high temperature eutectic fixed points in this range.
  2. In the aspect of humidity standards, the dual pressure humidity generator humidity standard measurement system has been established.

In the field of thermophysical properties measurement, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, emissivity, Seebeck coefficient and resistance measurement technology are established for renewable energy and energy-saving materials to be applied in microelectronics, green energy buildings, and aerospace, such as thermal grease, thermal barriers, insulation and coatings, and aerospace composites.


Research Projects

  • Acoustic Gas Thermometer measurement technology
  • Absolute radiation thermometer measurement technology
  • High temperature thermocouple calibration technology


  • Establish and Maintain the ability of realization and dissemination of the ITS-90
  • Execute international comparisons and international mutual authentications to ensure the consistency of international temperature/ humidity/ thermophysical properties standards and our standards.
  • Execute the establishment of new temperature standards, develop thermodynamic temperature measurement technology and high temperature calibration technology.
  • Provide resistance thermometer, thermocouple thermometer, radiation thermometer and hygrometer calibration service.

Technical Services

  • The development services of temperature, humidity, and thermophysical properties relevant measurement systems and measurement technology.
  • Temperature and humidity measurement calibration laboratory planning, establishment and quality assurance services.
  • Transferable products/technology: ear thermometer / clinical thermometer / skin type clinical thermometer standard, thermometer calibration thermostat, high temperature precision calibration furnace, mid-temperature standard thermal source equipment, hand-held thermal conductivity measurement device with a heat pipe probe, desktop thermal conductivity instrument by heat flux meter method, digital diamond detector, grain moisture meter.