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NML has conducted intercomparsions with other countries to establish the traceability for industries and assure national measurement standards in harmonization with the international level.

Intercomparisons in 2021

ItemTransfer Standard
APMP.M.FF-K3              Ultrasonic Anemometer
CCM.FF-K5  Flow rates for nature gas at high pressure 
CCL-K11  Iodine stabilized HeNe-lasers

 Pressure sensitivity level and pressure sensitivity phase of laboratory standard microphone type LS1P

Intercomparisons in 2020

ItemTransfer Standard
APMP.M.H.-K1  Vickers hardness
APMP.M.P-K9  Pneumatic pressure balances
APMP.M.FF-K6  Rotor gauge
CCM.FF-K6-2017        Low pressure gas flow                      
APMP.PR-P3.1  Transmittance haze

Intercomparisons in 2019

ItemTransfer Standard
APMP.M.FF-K6 Rotor gauge
CCQM-K3.2019 Auto emission standards and concentration verification technology
CCL-K11 Iodine stabilized HeNe-lasers
APMP AUV-A-K5 Pressure sensitivity level and pressure sensitivity phase of laboratory standard microphone type LS1P

  • Last Updated:2022/01/24
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