Gas Flow Calibration System

Technology Introduction

NML provides a total solution for the establishment of a gas flow calibration system which combines flow system engineering, industrial-level intelligent monitoring, and measurement traceability and quality assurance in accordance with the latest international standards and industry regulations.  It helps customers improve the accuracy of flow measurement, thereby increasing product reliability.

NML’s customized solution features core component development, experiment and process optimization, intelligent measurement control procedures, and integration of on-site and remote communication. 

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Application Field

Gas Flow Calibration System provides service to the traceability for secondary testing & calibration laboratories, industrial and household gas meters or gas measurement, semiconductor industry, environmental inspection, power plants, petrochemical industries, etc. It also extends support to other NMIs, such as National Institute of Metrology, Thailand, the Vietnam Metrology Institute and National Metrology Institute of Malaysia to establish their own national gas standards.

The gas flow standards provide domestic gas power plants a benchmark for the fair trade transaction of natural gas which accounts for the annual volume of 300 billion NT Dollars; the specifications for verification and inspection of diaphragm gas meters ensure the accuracy and fairness of 3.6 million gas meters and 70 billion gas transactions per year in the country.


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