Blackbody Simulator

Technical Introduction 

This technology is a non-contact temperature measurement system for fast and non-contact temperature monitoring and measurement on the production line, which consists of a fixed-point blackbody simulator to provide real-time on-line calibration service. It is in accordance with the international temperature scale ITS-90, simulated temperature point to 962 °C,  resolution to 0.5 °C, and the reproducibility within ±1 °C.


Compared with the traditional blackbody furnace, the blackbody simulator has the advanctages of small size, low power consumption, extremely short warm-up time, fast and stable, and can provide various types of radiation thermometers with real-time calibration requirements and precision.

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Application Field

The application field includes: semiconductor inspection, national defense, 3D metal printing, panel industry etc.

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Date posted: Aug 2022